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Individual Care Needs

The FCF Care Ministry helps people reach their God-given potential by giving help and restoring hope to people facing some of life’s toughest challenges.

You Matter To God

We believe all people matter to God and that he brings comfort, encouragement, personal support, and practical assistance through the church so that together we can face whatever comes our way

Our Care Ministry helps individuals through difficult life seasons through prayer and by connecting them with the best available resources to meet their specific care needs, whether through the church or the local community.

Support Groups

Offering healing, restoration, and hope through community.



Disheartened is a group that instills hope and strength in married women who want a better marriage, but are afraid to discuss it or have discussed it with no change in their husbands.


DivorceCare helps anyone separated or divorced develop and apply Christ-centered strategies to experience God’s healing through all of the challenges related to divorce.


GriefShare is a group designed to help people grieving the death of a family member or friend navigate the journey of grief to experience the healing power of Christ.

Let us know of a prayer need or some other way we may be able to assist you.