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Individual Care Needs

The FCF Care Ministry helps people reach their God-given potential by giving help and restoring hope to people facing some of life’s toughest challenges.


You matter to God

We believe all people matter to God and that he brings comfort, encouragement, personal support, and practical assistance through the church so that together we can face whatever comes our way

The FCF Care Ministry helps individuals through difficult life seasons through prayer and by connecting them with the best available resources to meet their specific care needs, whether through the church or the local community.

Support Groups

Offering healing, restoration, and hope through community.



Disheartened is a group that instills hope and strength in married women who want a better marriage, but are afraid to discuss it or have discussed it with no change in their husbands.



DivorceCare is a group that helps anyone separated or divorced develop and apply Christ-centered strategies to experience God’s healing through all of the challenges related to divorce.

Please note: This group is currently not meeting.



GriefShare is a group designed to help people grieving the death of a family member or friend navigate the journey of grief to experience the healing power of Christ.


Family Addiction
SUpport Group

When you love an addict, life becomes incredibly hard. This new group is for those with loved ones in addiction, recovery, or who have lost the battle with addiction. Contact to learn more.

Prepare for Marriage

FCF’s marriage preparation program is called BECOMING ONE. This program helps couples who are considering marriage build the foundation necessary for a couple to reach their God-given potential.


Who it’s for

Becoming One is open to any couple who is engaged, seriously dating, or contemplating their taking their relationship to the next level. Because Becoming One has produced such tremendous results in preparing couples for marriage, we ask anyone wishing to utilize FCF staff for their wedding to go through the program.


Becoming One -
Premarital Mentoring

The Becoming One program exposes you and your significant other to the meaning of marriage, conflict resolution, how your dynamic is unique, what man or woman needs most in marriage (and how to provide that), and more. This includes the Becoming One class, couple-to-couple mentoring, and a certificate of graduation.

Note: This program is required for anyone desiring to utilize FCF Church staff or facilities for their upcoming wedding. Tap the button below to e-mail our Marriage & Family pastor for more information.

Restore Your Marriage

FCF’s marriage restoration program is called Love and Respect Mentoring. Love and Respect Mentoring helps couples who are experiencing difficulty restore their marriage to its God-given potential.



Love and Respect is a proven mediation system used by hundreds of churches nationwide that specifically helps couples:

  • Identify minor and major areas of disagreement
  • Teach you and your spouse how to effectively navigate through resolving those disagreements
  • Improve your communication style, patience, intimacy, and overall acceptance of one another

Love and Respect

Love and Respect Mentoring takes place over 10 weeks for 1.5 hours each week. Registration costs are $50 for materials and shipping. For more information, contact our Marriage & Family Ministry at