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The experience of gathering with the whole church on a Sunday is wonderful and inspiring!  We will learn and grow a lot from regularly being a part of the Sunday service.

But FCF believes that to experience deeper life change, we need to be connected in smaller groups where we can develop authentic relationships and walk alongside of other people who also desire to reach their full redemptive potential in Christ.

That’s why we offer midweek opportunities to connect and grow. FCF Groups are a wonderful environment for both making friends and growing spiritually.

Most FCF Groups run on a semester basis (Fall, Winter, Spring), but we can help you connect in a group at any time. Contact our Connection Ministries Director, Joan Heft. 

FCF Groups are a great way to make friends and grow spiritually!

FCF Clubs are based around a common interest, activity, or a stage of life. They are a fun and easy way to meet people and make friends!

REAL TABLES are an easy way for women to authentically
connect on a regular basis (monthly) around a relaxed spiritual conversation.