Welcome to FCF Kids!

FCF Kids is our ministry for children newborn-grade 5. Around here, we’re all about helping kids reach their full-redemptive potential in Christ.

It starts with a volunteer team who are screened and trained for their role: to welcome everyone as a child of God. And so, every Sunday we prepare a place for kids that is clean and safe, where the routine is consistent, and the content is always fresh. 

We believe church should be the most exciting part of a child’s week

Sunday Experience

When your family arrives, look for the First-Time Guest counter located on the left just inside the lobby. Children will receive a nametag with a 3-digit code, and you will receive a tag with a matching code. You will need to show these codes match when you return to pick up your child after church. If your child should need you during the service, our team will text your cell phone directly.


We’d love to connect with you.

Email KIDS@FCFchurch.com